What your mind thinks and what the heart feels can be represented on cloth. A fine cut, well-sewed ensemble symbolizes traits of a sharp, clear and distinguished persona; whereas pastel coloured traditional Indian attire reflects the rich values and respect for our culture that you carry with you.

Armed with a squad of highly skilled artisans, we style and dress you for any occasion, any theme, under the sun or the moon.

At Collar, our sentiments and values are woven into each thread of the fabric that adorns your body. We understand the hope and excitement with which you approach us and hence our endeavour is always to create an outfit that speaks of an incredible experience.




The Couturiers


The designer duo Mridula and Anju create a convergence of their design thinking abilities, taking cognisance of contemporary trends along with traces of the rich ancient past. Their way of working is governed by high morals, mainly Honesty, Punctuality, Clarity, Dedication and Sincerity transforming them from a small label to a well-reputed brand known to deliver the best to their clients and ON TIME always, even if it is at an extremely short notice.

Mridula has been a Fine Arts graduate with over two decades of experience in the Apparel business. Her commitment and creativity are in a love affair with excellence and perfection. She is extremely professional, hardworking and has a solution for every problem in the world!

Anju’s eye for detail, along with her love for traditional intricate embroideries, makes for fine work of art on Collar clothing.  Her optimism and administrative skills, keep the crew motivated, loyal and dedicated to delivering the best.

Our Philosophy

Collar by Mridula and Anju is a versatile menswear brand with the firm belief that clothes when worn, should speak of high character and be able to tell a story. Clothing, for us, is a work of fine art.

98-K, Meherchand Market,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

+91 9891044433, 011 4907 4303